Friday, July 27, 2007

I got my camera back!

Finally! Here are some pics of my hand-dyed wool (which I dyed about a month ago) -- I used the Easter Egg and sun-bake dying method, loosely following Vicki's instructions.

This first one is kind of a Stone Soup color -- you know, use whatever dye is left in the spray bottles and just cover all the wool and the result will be cool. I'm not sure what the spun up result is going to be -- right now the singles are looking a lot like peas and carrots...

This next one is much more of a colorway -- sort of a seashore at dusk kind of thing. I think this is going to look nice. These are both some wool that Janet gave me back when I hung with the Frog Pond gang.

Lastly, displayed by the lovely but often grumpy Mango, is some yarn that I spun out of some of the hand-dyed wool.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Time to Share a Picture We Are Proud of...

Yep yep yep, that's our baby! I am 13 weeks pregnant and due on January 18. We are so psyched and I am so happy to FINALLY be able to share the news with everyone! The ultrasound above was taken at about 9 weeks. We went to the dr. today but we didn't get any take home pics, although we did see the little jumping bean moving all around. It was really, really cool.

Happy news! Happy news!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth

If you were watching the concert last night -- did anyone besides me wonder why Ann Curry kept punching all of her guests during the interview? She punched Trudy Styler, she punched Anne Thompson and I swore she was going to punch Al Gore, too -- instead she kept grabbing his shoulder. She was way too animated, it was scary -- she was just coming at her victims with her arms flailing and face very very close to them. Ms. Curry is lucky Sting didn't knock her shiny shirt self down with his big bared arms after she punched his wife.

Also, didn't Jon Bon Jovi look a little crabby during his interview with Carson Daly? And Shakira was pretty awful...

And really, Phil Collins looked an awful lot like John Locke...are we sure Genesis doesn't have a new front man?

This is really random stuff but I felt like sharing my thoughts. I'm sure there were more Curry punches and bad performances but I fell asleep before it was over. It's a great cause, but I couldn't help being a bit snarky.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The un-illustrated post

I've been doing LOTS of stuff lately, and I've wanted to share it here. But my camera is broken! Stupid Cannon -- the lens won't retract. I have to find the warranty and get it fixed, because we haven't even owned it for a year. You all will have to settle for a textual description of my activities.

Over the weekend I dyed a bunch of roving using the Easter egg dying method that Vicki described. It was so fun! Now I'm spinning some of it up to see how it all comes together -- plying is my favorite part. It was kind of a colorful experiment -- there's not much rhyme or reason as to which colors are next to each other, but now that I know it works, next time the color combos can be more intentional. The colors came out nice and bright, even after rinsing, which I believe is due to the fact that I mixed the tablets with vinegar only, no water. And I left the roving out in the sun for 2 days before rinsing it. I can't wait to share pics!

Also, we had a little 4th of July party with my cousins, and it was so fun to see all the kids playing together! The fireworks display my brother loosely planned was postponed, since it was raining all afternoon. The weather and an incident with a sparkler and a 2-year-old were enough to make us not mind about the night light display cancellation.

David and I found a couple of houses that we like up in Simsbury, CT (aka the Nutmeg State, for all those who asked) and we're going back to take another looked this weekend. We could be homeowners by the end of the summer!

Now if I could only get my camera back in operation, this would all be so much more interesting to look at...