Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So much to say

It's "only" been a month since my last post...yikes! I don't have any new pics of Bacon (don't worry, it's just a placeholder name until we can decide), but I know he's getting bigger because he has been kicking up a storm in there! We're a little nervous because we were hoping for a very chill baby, like my nephew Brady, who was very laid back in the womb, according to his mom. His adorable yet spirited sister Sam, on the other hand, was a jumping bean before she was born. I love to feel the kicks, though, even if it means less rest once the baby is born and he won't sit still.

That's a new picture of me, I think I'm starting to show! We went to the Big E last night -- so many sheep and llamas! And cows, too. This baby merino sheep was just 2 days old! But I think he was born with springs in his feet -- after walking away from his mom, he started jumping straight up and down into the air -- it was so cool and very Tigger-like.

I've finally picked up the knitting again, mostly hats for the fall. I've got to get several more pumpkin hats done before pickin' season starts in earnest, so I can outfit the kids in my life for their pumpkin patch adventures. The little blue one was a gift for Bacon from Mary at SnB last week. Thanks, Mary, his first hand-knitted gift! Speaking of SnB, I was so so happy to be able to go to a meet-up in NYC. I really missed the SnB ladies (and gentlemen -- there were a lot of guys there that night!), and I can't wait to see them again at Rhinebeck!!! I think my heart might still be in NYC, and I don't know if it's ever going to leave. Well, Bacon will probably have my heart the minute he's born, if he doesn't already, but geographically, it's in the Big Apple.

Last but not least, here's Kingston, guarding the rest of the pumpkin hat stash...