Friday, May 07, 2010

A little bit of payoff

We got some very early love from our garden today -- radishes! This little baby practically jumped into my hand, it was so ready for harvesting.
These are Saxa II radishes that I bought from Baker Creek. There are a bunch more out there just about ready -- I'd been doing many successive radish seedings throughout the early spring.

My little garden helper even ate one...except that he spit it out after chewing it for about 20 seconds proclaiming, "It's spicy! It's spicy!"
Speaking of harvesting, apparently it's morel season around here.
Jonah and I found this one on a walk the other day. It was delicious! I'm going to try to find some more tomorrow to share with Dave, now that I survived eating a wild edible.
Other stuff is happening, too. The parnips are getting big, it's about time to thin them out. Can you see the big bushy green thing at the end of the parsnip row? That's the sage I planted last year, it is getting HUGE and starting to flower. I'm not sure if I should let it or not, because it might affect the quality of the leaves...but I think I will because I want to see what it looks like and we don't really use all that much sage around here.Blueberry bushes are blooming.
Potatoes are sprouting!
Asparagus is getting taller.
We planted 4 short rows of Rainbow Inca Sweet Corn today. It's still about a week too early to put in the tomato seedlings, however this one took a major beating in a surprise windstorm a few days ago so I just put it in the ground to see what would happen. It's a Dr. Wychee's.