Monday, December 10, 2007

Still Growing...

Did you miss me? Well, that's not easy to do these days...look at how HUGE my belly is! Bacon is taking up more and more room these days -- and now you can see him moving around from the outside, big bumps sliding around the top of my stomach. It is so cool!

Please forgive my absence from the blogosphere...I've been crazy busy and really tired, so any time I'm not trying to get everything done I'm napping (or trying to). But lots of fun stuff has been going on, too.

My mom and SIL Kerry (who is PG again -- making another cousin for Bacon, due in July, so the cousins will be so close in age) threw us a fabulous shower a few weeks ago. It was at my parents' house, and we had such a good time hanging out with family and friends. And we got tons of awesome presents -- Bacon will not be hurting for clothing at all! Sorry, I don't have any pics, because they are all on my mom's camera.

We finally completed the nursery and decorated it -- isn't it cute?

And we picked out and chopped down (well, Dave did the chopping, and it was more sawing that chopping, no axes involved) our Christmas tree and decorated our house. It is so fun to have a house at the holidays!

Our friends Amy and Matt had a baby girl named Cate last month, and we went to visit her a few weeks ago. She is so tiny and perfect!

Knitting and spinning have both been put completely on hold until after Bacon is born. I had all these visions of knitting little sweaters and hats and booties for our baby, and a nice organic cotton baby blanket to cuddle him in...but no! One of the more fun PG-related maladies is hand numbness -- my right hand is numb almost all the time! The dr said it's very common, but that doesn't make it very fun. I don't mind, though -- I really am loving being pregnant. And we can't believe there are less than 6 weeks until the due date!