Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pretty stuff

Daffodils and tulips make good partners.I seem to have succeeded at planting the bulbs in some sort of a straight-ish line along the driveway last Fall!
Garlic getting bigger with peas to the right of them. I don't really like peas but for some reason they are exciting me -- I don't think I've ever had them right off the vine and that is rumored to be a real treat. And they are something green to grow in April!I think some spinach is coming up, too, but I'm not sure if it's actually spinach or just grass. They look similar. And are so small. I've never been able to grow spinach before.

There are so many little asparagus shoots begging me to eat them, but I won't, I won't! Next year!!!
The giant sunflower I grew last year seems to be extremely proficient at multiplying.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's happening!

The asparagus are showing their faces! I know I can't cut them until next year to make the plant stronger, but it's tempting...And here come the pea shoots, finally! You can also see how tall the garlic is getting in the background, and if you look carefully you'll spy some daffodils blooming!Strawberry patch is looking good, too.Raspberries are gathering strength to bombard us with their yummy goodness!
And radishes are working their way up, too!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I love this weather!

A lot of the pansies I planted last spring came back this year. Also blooming in my yard are crocuses! Hyacinths with be next, with daffodils not far behind, and some tulips as well. Spring has definitely sprung, and the forsythia are blooming everywhere on my street!
The garlic is getting taller.
I planted some more tall telephone peas peas, parsnips, cilantro and Saxa II radishes in the garden today, as well as transplanting some Sanguine Ameliore lettuce I had started inside from seed. We'll see how it does. It's too early to move anything else outside and I am finding that I am not really following the garden plan I had laid out in the winter. I can only plant the early crops at the fringes of the garden, since I didn't till it yet and have to do it by hand. I didn't want to plant right in the middle of the untilled garden where the plants will be difficult to till around when the time comes. So things are going in a kind of mish-mosh row. I've got to stop now though because the next row back is for summer squash and watermelons, and that's the best place for them!
I moved my "greenhouse" outside for a bit of sun today.