Monday, December 11, 2006

Rogue Update

As promised, here are some progress shots. The body is all done and the hood is more than halfway there. I am so in love with how the Celtic cabling is looking, I can't believe how nice it is! The hood is pretty easy -- you have to pay attention at the ends, where the cabling is, but in the middle you can just purl or knit along happily.

After this I have 2 sleeves to do. The pattern says to knit them flat and "set in sleeves" -- but I'm wondering if I can't do them in the round? So much easier than seaming -- especially since I've seen how bad my seaming is on the shoulders. I'd just have to treat each row as a RS row and reverse the WS instructions where the cabling is, right? Anyone have any warnings about why I shouldn't do this...? Please speak now to save my sanity -- I'd say you have until the weekend, when I should have the hood finished and be ready to start the sleeves. Thanks!


schrodinger said...

I've never tried cabling in the round, so no good advice from here, sorry. However, I just have to say that it is looking great! You're really coming along with it aren't you?

Jessica said...

Don't do it in the round! You can do this with raglan sleeves, or sometimes with dropped sleeves, but not set-in. Well, maybe you could, if you did it in the round to the armpit, but then back and forth for the sleeve cap. The idea is that you sew it into the shoulder before you seam the bottom of the sleeve, though, so it's not foolproof. Elizabeth Zimmerman has a method of converting a set-in sleeve sweater so you can knit the whole top of it in the round (thus making it a false set-in sleeve) but I'm not going to attempt that with Rogue.
Whew! That was a long comment! Email me if you want to discuss further. :)

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, your Rogue is coming along so beautifully! This is such a great pattern that I wanted to do since months, I just never dared try my hands at the hood. But now that you say it's not that hard to do, I might give it another serious thought - and try! Thanks for the inspiration - and I can't wait to see your finished Rogue!