Sunday, April 08, 2007

White Easter

We had about 2" of snow blanketing the ground this morning, and I swear if ONE MORE PERSON comments that it's more like Christmas than Easter, I'm gonna blow!!! Although...are those REINDEER in the front yard? We did have a nice time with David's family, cold or not.

Since my PG friend Phillipa received her package (thanks for the nice note, Phil -- I'm glad you liked it!), I can share pics of the basketweave baby blanket I knit her. Props to Kimberly Chapman's Knitting Gallery for the pattern. It was really basic and simple, but knit up with organic green cotton, the blanket looks very nice and was really soft. Perfect for wrapping up a little baby!


Phillipa Sara said...

Probably one of the best gifts our baby has recieved. I'm looking forward to wrapping the weeone up in it. Love you Mud and thanks again.

Kimberly said...

Awesome job, and I love the way the yarn makes the squares shimmer!

I'm doing another larger version myself now, using Sugar and Cream sage, by request for my SIL for a wedding throw. This time it has a seed stitch border because I found the original st-st border too curly. Yours looks like it's sitting much flatter. Excellent! :)