Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garden update and buttery goodness

We spent this beautiful day outside. I gave the compost bin a big turn, and then spread some of the good stuff from the bottom over the garden. When it's tilled, the compost will mix into the soil and make good things happen.The strawberry patch looks pretty good, and the plants are starting to produce new leaves. We should have fruit in 2 months -- if the creatures don't eat them first!
Dave had the brilliant idea of moving this portable greenhouse into our "screen room." It keeps the seedlings warm and collects lots of light. I was so happy to discover how warm this unheated screen room gets in the sun, it is the ideal place for growing seedlings and it has given me hope for starting my plants from seeds!
You can see some lettuce sprouts here. The basil is coming up, too.
This pine tree is huge and old but it's going to be leaving us. Goodbye, pine needles, hello sunshine!
On another topic, after a day of gardening I made butter out of some of the raw milk I brought back from Uppingil Farm. At least I think it's butter. It tastes like butter! It took a lot of shaking to get there!

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