Sunday, January 08, 2006


We had a perfectly low-key weekend, with the highlight being today -- Dave & I spent several hours making pierogies. It was our first try, and some of them ended up not being sealed too well and so all the stuffing fell out when we boiled them. But some of them came out pretty nice. It was fun -- Dave ate about 1/2 the stuffing and put the other half in the pierogies.

Sorry for the unexciting post -- I'm still working on my Christmas presents, so I'll post more pics when they're all done and in the hands of their recipients.

Sam is coming to town on Tuesday!


Renee said...

Let me know when your mail-order pierogies are ready!
Renny LaReau-ski

Renee said...

Mud, when are you going to write about the BOBSLED? Enough with the damn pierogis already!