Friday, January 27, 2006

Sammy in the City

Finally, Sam made her Big Apple debut. It was a little bit colder than we would have liked, but we still bundled up my cute little niece and went for a brisk walk to Washington Square Park. Almost immediately Sam's little eyes watered from the cold so we kept right on going past the arch, down McDougal to SnB's old stitching grounds, the Tea Spot. The beautiful Mudry baby got a lot of attention, of course.

After tea, where else could we take her in NYC but to a bar! Oh, don't worry, Loreley serves food, too...hearty German fare. And it's very kid-friendly, in that Sam could scream if she needed to (she didn't), and no one would be bothered over the cacophony of revelers. It was a great afternoon, and I hope she comes back soon. Really, I just wanted to use this post to show off how cute she is!

Mittens are on the needles, my first ones! But I'm taking them off because I was kind of making them up as I went along and I don' think it was going along too smoothly -- my guru is faxing me a new pattern to try for them.

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