Friday, May 05, 2006

Sheep and Wool, Sheep and Wool (YAY!)

I'm just waiting for Jess so we can head to DC for the Sheep and Wool weekend! Jess was supposed to meet up with her PG friend Caitlin, but she just told me she had her baby last night so it's all about the yarn (and the guru) now! While I'm waiting, here's my list:

1. Family Tunic - not sure if I'll make it for me or a baby, but there are lots of them coming in the next few months (Amy's, Kerry's, Cherisse's, Lee Ann's, I know there are more but I'm blanking now...)
2. Rogue Hoodie or Hooded Tunic, not sure which but I'm in the mood for a hoodie!
3. Baby Bolero (although I might end up doing this in cotton, which I don't think will be readily available at the S&W Fest)
4. Sock yarn for Dave's alpaca socks that I will make before winter in SB lands on us like a mighty blow from the Santa's sleigh
5. Maybe something for a halter top, although cotton might be best for that

Like Jess, I'm having no holds barred for sock yarn. Even though I haven't even finished my first one, and I have to undo a few rows at the heel b/c I didn't something (math) wrong...


schrodinger said...

You're probably on the way right now, I'm still jealous. Thanks for the advice, now I just need to find a baby! ;-)

Jessamyn said...

thanks for the encouragement earlier! I'm so jealou you get to go to MDSW fest! Good luck with your buying expedition! I miss seeing your lvoely face every week. Please come see us soon!

Heather said...

Darling! We miss you here in the big apple!
Your clapotis looks fab - you've got me a-yearning to make another one!
What did you do with the big lemon, (I'm talking about the citrus fruit here - not your husband!)
Enjoy MS&W - I'm not jealous one little bit, which is a big fat lie!!!