Sunday, May 21, 2006

Under the Golden Dome

I meant to post some pics of campus, but I just haven't had a chance, we've been so busy unpacking and such. So you'll have to be satisfied with a view out our back door for now.

Compare to our previous Manhattan living situations, the new place is so big! We like it. And there are lots of geese and ducks, including many many of their tiny offspring, to entertain the cats, although the mother goose is very protective of her babies and didn't like the way Mango was looking at her goslings (check out her in full hissing action!). Don't worry, I would never let her get hold of any of these babies, although to be honest I think any of these birds would escape on foot or by wing long before she got her chubby calico butt anywhere near them!

I'd post some knitting pics, but I really haven't had time to make any progress on the second sock since the last post. However Jess's blog entry inspired me to swatch for the Rogue Hoodie (19 pages of directions, indeed! YIKES!) So I've just got to pick up some needles to take with me, and hopefully this will be my plane project on the way over and back from Hong Kong. Unless I sleep the whole way, which is also a possibility.

Here's a cute pic from one of my last visits with Sam & her family before we moved.

I'll post from overseas!


Jessica said...

Sigh--so pretty! Makes me wish Jamie and I had gone to Indiana with you! The wildlife is an especially nice touch.
And will you really post from overseas? I will be waiting anxiously--living vicariously through my world-traveling pal.

CityMinx said...

augh, can't believe you've moved already. have a great trip!