Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Booty Check

After John went wild over my bright orange booty and asked where I got it, I realized it's really good fiber blogger etiquette to ID your stash! Give props to the maker! So without further ado, here are the origins of the softness that now lives in my sheep closet:
Left to right, there is:
  • Pale blue with rainbow streaked merino top from Stony Mountain Fibers
  • Crazy colored wool from A Touch of Twist -- the label says "Screamer's", and I'm not sure if that's the color or another name for the company, but either way, it's appropriate!
  • Merino orange and red sunset brilliance from Spinners Hill
  • And the lonely skein of yarn on the top is 400 yds of Brook's Farm Solo -- I think this is merino, too, but the label just says "fine wool"


Vicki said...

Yum! Fiberliciousness! Love the colors you picked out. I so wish I could have come to Rhinebeck this year. Maybe next year. Sigh...

schrodinger said...


Heather said...

Thank you darling for buying all of that for me!
Now, have you got my address to send it to? ;o)