Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy one month birthday to Jonah!

Is anyone surprised that I haven't posted for a while? And that now that I am posting, there is really only minimal non-Jonah content? Hey, I'm a new mom, what can I say?I have good news, though -- my right hand is back to normal! No more numbness! That means I can knit again -- when I get a bit of free time, that is. I really want to make an organic cotton blanket for Jonah. I wanted to do it the whole time I was pregnant, but wasn't able to.

Here's a cute pic of Jonah modeling some knitted gifts! Booties from Vicki, and a rattle from Mary.I really haven't been doing much other than tending to the baby's every need. And that kind of suits me just fine right now!

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schrodinger said...

You're a new mum, you're allowed :) Happy first month birthday to Jonah!!