Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Finicky Model

I managed to convince Kingston to sit still long enough to model the fresh from the
sheep hat. Well, to be honest it's more difficult to convince Kingston to move than to stay still...he's slightly fat and lazy. But as our friend Dylan put it, "If I were a cat, I think I'd want to be fat and lazy." Thanks to Heather and Johanna for the pom-pom assistance on this one.

Rhinebeck is only 3 days away! I've been having dreams about it. I am fully aware that this means that I have become obsessed with knitting, but I can't help it. And it's all Theresa's fault for patiently teaching me time and time again until it "took". Thanks, Red! I'm planning to buy some super soft wool-type material to make a cabled poncho -- my first cabling attempt, and hopefully my first "real person" sized piece of clothing that I actually finish (the original tank top I started is kind of in a state of statis at the armholes, as I find myself easily distracted by small clothing offering more immediate gratification)...

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