Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Yes, today is my dad's birthday. I won't say how old, but he's definitely over 40. He and my mom just got back from a trip to Vegas, and they didn't bring back a lot of winnings. But they did have fun.

Speaking of fun, we had some this weekend, too. Although it rained (and rained and rained) on our Autumn Party, thus prohibiting garden access without heavy waterproof gear, we fit everyone into the apartment quite nicely. Besides things getting a little messy at the end (you know who you are), we cleaned up that night so it wasn't so terrible in the morning. A good time was had by all (or almost all).

I finished up my little "fresh from the sheep sweater," but I won't take a pic of it now because I'm looking for some cute sheep buttons to sew on and I can't find them. But my SnB friends made a good suggestion on where to get them, so maybe tomorrow this will be ready to send. And there's a matching hat, too. I've also started making some pumpkin hats for the babes in my life, and I'd better hurry up because Halloween is a-coming. And sadly, my wrists are starting to hurt...I hope it's not from too much knitting but I fear it is. What will happen when I'm old???

Today marks a sad time in 2005 -- I actually had to put on socks and shoes for a meeting. No more open-toed glory. Indeed, this is one of the worst things about the changing seasons. I love fall and its smells and colors, but the socks and shoes feel like miniature toe prisons, clasping my feet in their non-leather grasp. Incidentally, one of the most depressing things about being a vegetarian is the lack of comfortable and durable shoe options. Oh, there are the lovely Birkenstock sandals, but these belong to my summer uniform, and their close-toed cousins just don't cut the mustard. Sigh...


Claudine said...

The pumpkin hats look great! I just love fall and pumpkin is one of the things I love about fall.

You bad girl speading yarn money on local yarn BEFORE Rhinebeck. I hope you saved some money for Saturday. Although some of the vendors do take credit cards. I love going up there. Remember to bring a pair of boots as the groud maybe icky from all this rain we are having. Also remmber not to eat breakfast as I am bring pumpkin bread (see how much I love pumpkin).

Michelle C. said...

This is the other Michelle from snb (the short-haired blonde one -- I don't come too often because of school), but I found your blog through a link to Jenn's on the snb site, and then followed a comment to yours. I didn't know you were veg -- so am I -- and I wanted to let you know about earth vegan shoes, if you didn't know already. They have them at moo shoes on allen st. and online lots of places. They're really comfortable! See you next time I come!