Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sam's Baptism

Today my niece Sam was baptised, and yours truly had the great honor of being her Godmother. Actually, all I had to do was put a tunic over her head and mumble assent at the appropriate times, but it was still pretty cool. Many of Sam's family and friends came to celebrate with us, including her great-grandmother Jeanette. The picture-perfect weather allowed us all to frolic outside. Time is getting weird now...all my cousins and friends have kids and they look just like their parents, and I watch them playing together exactly like we all used to. It's cool.

My cousin Tim from SC was also in for the weekend. He's a good guy and looking for a lady -- anyone know any single 40-somethings?

In knitting news, I know I swore (only to I'm not really accountable to anyone else) that I wouldn't buy any more yarn until Rhinebeck, but when I was walking in the Union Square Farmer's Market this weekend, this undyed wool straight off the sheep tempted me, and it was too much to resist. I just bought 1 skein, thinking I could whip up a baby sweater out of that, but it wasn't quite enough so now I have to wait until next Saturday when the sheep farmer comes back to get more. I really am doing something besides baby sweaters, but this was so tempting and I did it really fast. And besides, my other project is a secret for now.

Yankees clinched (barely) and ND kicked Purdue's butt big for the USC game!!!

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