Monday, April 03, 2006


So, we've moved -- we're officially surburbanites, residents of the Naugatuck Valley for the next 7 weeks. Our pad is set in a bit more rustic locale than the Pink Pleasure Palace -- and with no internet or cable, it's been an interesting few days. We thought we could do without those luxuries until we got to South Bend, but that just won't cut it. We're watching a lot of movies and I'm knitting a lot. But not cooking -- the gas isn't hooked up yet! Something I took for granted in our NYC apartments, where the places just kind of roll over from one tenant to the next without a whole lot of household re-connections necessary. I am just about finished with the Hourglass Sweater -- I purled a row for the neckline and now just have to finish that up, sew up the armholes and weave in the ends. Pics to come!

Benefits of our new living arrangments are CRAZY MAD SPACE! Also, getting to see my grandparents, parents, and SAM a lot. I'll put up some pics of the inside of our apartment soon. These are just some outside shots, from when we took a walk up the hill to the woods behind the house yesterday.


Jessica said...

I am jealous of all that outdoor space! Pretty soon it will all burst into bloom and you can have a whole springtime of frolicking through flowers. In your Hourglass Sweater, which is cotton, after all, and perfect for this transitional season!

Jessamyn said...

I miss you already, too, Michelle! Good luck semi-settling in to the new pad. Soon you'll be cookin' with gas, and growing tomatoes in the back yard. Enjoy exploring your new 'hood. Do lots of hiking for us!