Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Party hat!

Quick post -- the hourglass sweater now has 2 complete sleeves! It's all in one piece, which makes me feel like I'm almost done. But the downside to that is that this is now a much heavier project to tote around. But I'll manage to drag it to SnB tonight. I've just got to hand-wind a skein of off white before I go.

Does anyone know who belongs to this hat? I found it sleeping in my apartment after the party 2 weekends ago. It doesn't eat much, and it's really soft, so I don't mind adopting it, but I think it wants to go back home with its original owner because it's not really my style and it will get neglected in my closet. Anyone?


Kara said...

I love how you did your trim in contrasting colors. It looks really pretty!

Heather said...

Darling Michelle,
I'll miss your happy little face around here....
Good luck with the move!
I'll be checking up on you from time to time to make sure you're behaving!!
See you in a fortnight?
peaches xxxx