Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Busy weekend!

Dave & I had ourselves a pretty busy weekend, so I'm glad to be home relatively early tonight to just relax. Thursday night, we drove down to Atlantic City to meet my parents, who were on their way back from vacation in Cape Hatteras, NC. They got us a free room at the Claridge, which turned out to be quite a nice suite. Here's a pic of Dave & my mom in the in-room hot tub (which we didn't use, but it was nice to look at). We got back late Friday night (NO we didn't win any money, but at the last minute I saved us from having a total loss by putting $10 in the penny machine (yes, I said the penny slots) and somehow winning 15,000 pennies.

Early Saturday morning, Dave, Katie & I headed out to Randall's Island for the Dave Matthews Band concert featuring the Barenaked Ladies. Although there are much worse things than being outside for 10 hours, the venue was really dusty and we got there way too early -- the gates opened at noon, we arrived around 1:30, and BNL didn't start until 6:30. They and DMB played an awesome show, but we didn't get home until well after midnight. I wish we knew ahead of time when they were going to start! But at least I got some sun -- and the shower when we got home, after laying in the dust all day, was so rewarding! And no matter that we couldn't actually see them from our far away seats on the lawn, I love the Barenaked Ladies and will check them out every chance I get. Even Dave, who characteristically falls asleep at concerts, never says no to the Ladies.

Sunday morning, Katie & I were off to our good friend Andrea's baby shower. She is so very very pregnant, and still has 1 month to go!

And speaking of babies, my 8 week old niece Sam is my favorite part of going to Connecticut for any reason. She's cute even when she's crying. My new favorite person -- I love her!

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