Thursday, August 11, 2005

Naked men, cookies and baby sweaters...oh my!

Katie, Ange, Dave and I had a nice trip to Fire Island on Sunday. There are no roads running through Fire Island -- to get anywhere from the ends of the island you either have to walk (the island is 32 miles long), or take water taxis. We took a ferry from Sayville over to Sunken Forest. It was a perfect beach day, but I forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures. But you should be glad, because as we strolled down the beach towards the little rainbow town of Cherry Grove, we passed countless nudists frolicking in the surf, many of them well over the age of 50. More power to them but I didn't need any photographic memories of it. I wanted to join them until I saw one man go out into the ocean on a boogie board. We all cringed -- come on, that's gotta hurt when a big wave crashes you down into the sandy, shelly bottom and your precious jewels are just scraped along...owww! It hurts just thinking about it, and I don't even have the equipment!

Dave and I also went to see Eminem (aka Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers aka Rainman but he can't be your Superman) at the Garden on Tuesday night. It was a good show but I couldn't figure out who everybody was, since he and his posse have about 4 names each and they kept jumping in and out of the show in a seemingly random fashion. And there were at least 12 of them, plus the dancing girls. The crowd was going wild though, and we really enjoyed it. Maybe I should study up on the the D12 and G Unit next time...

Our party is this weekend, and we're really looking forward to hanging out with our friends. Don't these cookies look yummy? And there are more in the oven now...

Oh, and I finished a sweater for my nephew, Nebechednezzer. Isn't it cute? I'm becoming quite a baby sweater machine -- but it's only because of my guru, Red, and the fact that baby clothes are a lot smaller (and therefore faster) than adult stuff. I still have an unfinished tank top for myself on the needles in my closet, and I started that one about 4 months ago.

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