Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Kind of Town

We went to Chicago for Courtney's wedding this weekend. She's a college friend of mine and also former roommate of Dave (and Ryan too, for that matter). But before the wedding, we had a little Howard Girl Shower for our friend Emily, who will be the next to wed in November. Becca prepared an amazing brunch for us at her house, complete with carmelized french toast, fritatta, fruit salad, Ess-a-bagels from NYC and mimosas.

After the shower, we went to the wedding and then to Millenium Park Grill on Michigan Ave. for some pre-reception drinks. The reception was right across the street at the Chicago Athletic Club, which had an amazing view of Lake Michigan. Lots of our college friends and their special friends were on hand to celebrate, including Bill & Jelly, Becca & Ryan, Renny & Schmiedler, Red & Greg, Fogie & Scott, Gillaby & Joel, Em & Brian, and more! The alcohol was certainly flowing, but no one got sloppy. Or at least, if anyone was especially obnoxious with her camera and comments, everyone else was "too drunk to notice," in the words of one of my friends. I hate fancy shoes! I walked home from the reception barefoot, through the streets of Chicago, and I wasn't the only one...don't worry, it wasn't too far to the hotel. It was really good to see everyon together again, but I also realized that we're all getting older. For one thing, once the wedding was over, everyone headed up to bed (before midnight!) For another, a lot of people were talking about their homes and their kids -- two things Dave & I don't have and probably won't for at least a litle while more. Becca & Ryan, who live in Chicago, have the cutest and most calm baby ever -- Eoin. I picked him up out of his stroller this morning, and he immediately hugged me and snuggled into my shoulder like a little Koala Bear.

And speaking of babies, one of my best friends from high school just had a 7 lb, 4 oz baby girl name Rebecca Nicole. Congratulations Andrea & Paul -- I can't wait to meet your daughter (and to give her beer)...

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