Monday, August 15, 2005

Sweaty Nights and hot summer fun

Saturday night was our first Garden Party, which we co-hosted with Cathryn, our cool neighbor. Lots of people came, and we all had good drinks and great snacks (especially Claire's artichoke dip), despite the sweltering heat. We kept cool by putting ice cubes down our backs. And speaking of ice cubes, there is really nothing in the world on a hot summer night like a cold beer that's been marinating in a bucket of ice and water. And there was no drama all night! Except for the one crazy neighbor who yelled "KNOCK IT OFF!" just after 9:30...come on buddy, this is NYC and it was so early...and the music wasn't even loud! We turned off the radio anyway, but still...

The only respite from the sweltering night air, besides an ice cube rub-down, was to hang out in front of the AC in the living room, which some of my friends did.
Next time, we'll try to pick a nice fall evening to celebrate.

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