Thursday, September 15, 2005

Go Irish!

Dave and I headed out to Michigan last week to visit his family in Caro and to go to the ND v U of M football game in Ann Arbor. Final score: IRISH 17 WOLVERINES 10! The last time the Irish beat the Wolverines in the Big House, I was in college! It was good fun watching the mostly U of M fans around me grow steadily grumpy throughout the game, as the stadium got more and more quiet. Coming into the contest, ND was ranked 20th and Michigan 3rd. Not anymore! Now we are at 10 and Michigan is 14th. It's an understatement to say that football was a big thing at ND. The campus was literally empty every football Saturday during the game. People from all over the world came to watch our team play in front of "Touchdown Jesus" in the House that Rockne built. The best game I saw was the 1993 ND v FSU game, where we were playing for 1st place. The entire week before the game the campus was swamped with football enthusiasts. The parties were legendary and the tailgaters immense and varied. And we won! We won't mention that the following week, BC kicked a field goal right through our hearts and our National title dreams, but that one weekend was my favorite football game ever. I can only hope that we don't have a big letdown this weekend again Michigan State. I'll be watching!

Enough about that. While out in MI, I also visited my friends Beniva and Devon, and then spent some time with Dave's family. Dave's brother has 2 kids, 3-month old Nebechednezzer and 2-1/2 year old Annika. Annika is definitely in the "terrible two's," but she's so cute it's really hard to mind. Especially since I was only there for the weekend. That's the beauty of nieces and nephews!

Speaking of beautiful nieces, we went to CT on Monday to see Sam, my brother's daughter. I love her! There was a little misunderstanding when we asked Dave to give her her bottle, but we straightened it out on time.

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