Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What happens in Vegas...

Dave & I spent a long weekend in Vegas, there to celebrate the wedding of our friends Cherisse and Steve. We were also lucky enough to get to see our long time friends Adam & Jason. Adam is a Flair Devil -- meaning he's one of those bar tenders who mix drinks and pour beers by throwing them in the air and (usually) catching them again (think Tom Cruise in Cocktail). His brother Jason is an all-around cool guy who makes me laugh and can tell the best stories. My family and their family used to meet up in Cape Hatteras every summer for some of the best times of our young lives. My parents still go there every year. As you can see, Dave & Jay got on very well, too...

While in Vegas, the ladies of the wedding and the bride went see the Thunder from Down Under male revue. It was enjoyable, but these guys trafficked way too much in fantasy costumes and not enough in parading around in their skivvies. Who wants to see a pirate and a guy in a track suit doing a cheesey choreographed routine??? Not me, I'll go to Disney for that! But I have to admit that I was most entertained when the guys pulled a white-haired granny with a full fledged fanny pack up on stage to give her a thrilling lap dance.

After the wedding dinner we ran into a host of celebrities on the red carpet for the grand opening of Tao in the Venetian. Dave always claimed that Paris Hilton was such a lame celeb that he wouldn't even look if he saw her walking down the street, but my husband, a devoted reader of Star magazine, nearly jumped through the strategically occlusive palm trees to get a glimpse of her, along with Shannon Elizabeth (naughty Nadia). Even the Blue Man Group was there.

Last night I finished up yet another baby sweater, made with #5's and 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Casmerino. I think it looks kind of barrel-like, and I also think I should start making these smaller, because they always end up bigger than I expect. But I like the slipped-Purlwise stitches -- they're fast and pretty. I don't know who this is for yet -- any ideas? I can't even tell what size baby it would fit.

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