Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hyde Park and Woodstock

On Saturday we decided to take a break from the city and drive up to the Hudson Valley to Hyde Park, home of FDR. Even though it cost $45 to fill up the car with gas, and we didn't really even see the river until we were on our way back, it was a nice trip to the country and the FDR estate was impressive, especially the library. Maybe a little bit too impressive, since Dave and Gregor still weren't finished looking at all the exhibits when I begged them to leave 3-1/2 hours after we'd arrived. I did learn some interesting trivia, such as the fact that Eleanore Roosevelt was 5'11" and liked to knit -- there was a showcase full of her knitting needles and crochet hooks, and many many pictures of her "in the act." There was also a WWII display on the property, in honor of the new exhibit in the museum. There were re-enacters dressed in period clothes, lots of old army jeeps and guns, and even parachuters from West Point.

After leaving Hyde Park, we drove across the river to Woodstock. The late 60's love fest of the same name wasn't actually held here, it was in another New York town called Bethel, about an hour away. But, the spirit of the 60's is certainly alive in Woodstock, hand in hand with captialism. You can buy any kind of tie-dyed pleasure, wind chime, pottery or handicraft you desire...and really good ice cream. PLUS -- yarn! I walked into Woodstock Wool Company, the largest yarn store I've ever visited in my life. I wish I didn't have 2 men waiting outside for me, because I would have settled down into the roomy couches of WWC and knit away for a long time. As I left the store and found Gregor and Dave, they were so cute telling me that the parking spot they found was right in front of another yarn store that was going out of business -- and everything was 25% off! The proprietor of Rock City Yarn was so nice, I was sad that she was closing. But I did buy some Reynold's Frisky yarn and Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.

We headed back to the city along a scenic river route, in time to catch the 2nd half of the ND v. Pitt game. Go Irish! We beat the Panthers 42-21 and are now ranked 20th in the AP poll. Dave & I are heading out to MI for the game against the Wolverines this weekend. Oh, and to see our cute niece and nephew, Annika and Nebechednezzer.

Please don't forget about the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I urge anyone who can to give to the Red Cross, or any organization that can help.


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