Monday, November 14, 2005


I finished the hood for Greta while sitting on the Great Lawn in Central Park yesterday (that's my friend Gregor trying to stretch my wings). It was such a beautiful day, and my new outdoor knitting sub-group member, Claudine, joined me and taught me the handy 3-needle bind-off, to save me from having to sew up the seem of the hood. She's working on a pair of lovely lacey socks on teeny tiny needles for her mom. I got back home and finished up the rest of the poncho, and put it on. It needs to be blocked, but still looks lovely and is quite warm. However, the hood was too big so I had to frog it. It's not easy to do that when you've already bound off, and I think I lost a lot of yarn and got a bunch more of it all fuzzed up. But it should be okay, I hope, since I'm making it smaller this time. I could just go without the hood, but I like hoods -- they make me feel very Lord of the Rings-ish, and I think maybe it will encourage Dave to be more like Viggo Mortensen in his Aragorn regalia.

On Saturday my freshly-married friends Cherisse & Steve had us over to their place in da Bronx for dinner and a raucous game of Beyond Balderdash with Jen and Joel. And the Irish defeated Navy for the 42nd straight time. I fear the winning streak is going to end when we least expect it, like next year...

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