Wednesday, November 09, 2005

M-L-A O'Hara

My very good friend Emily got hitched to her special friend Brian this past weekend. She looked so incredibly happy, and many, many of our college friends made it to her wedding. It was a grand reunion and celebration. And bring out the babies! This was were it all switched know, when you first graduate, your friends start getting hitched and you worry about finding a date...then people start bringing fiances...then husbands/wives...and now kids. This was the wedding of the cute kids and pregnant friends (congrats, Franimal!)

Despite the fact that our flights got messed up and we ended up renting a car in Pittsburgh and driving home, arriving at 5AM, it was a grand old time. And don't worry, KNIT HAPPENED, but that update will come later as I'm running late for a meeting now. I will leave you with a cute pic of my guru wearing the Wavy Scarf birthday present. That's me with her and Renee, a guru of another sort -- she recently had an article and recipes published in Cooking Light, and I'm so proud of her!

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