Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Red!

My knitting guru turns 31 today! (She's the one on the right. Incidentally, the one of the left is getting hitched this weekend, yay Emily!) My guru is the woman to whom I owe my obsession with the needles. She's always got time to explain something knitting-related, and the only person to whom spend more time talking is Dave. We walk each other home (her from yoga, me from wherever) even though she lives in DC and I'm in Manhattan. Don't worry, we talk about much more than knitting... I have gained so much from her friendship, and just wish we lived closer. Anyway, thanks for 13 years of fun, pontification and memories, and I look forward to many many more.

What more fitting gift for a knitting guru than something handmade? Voila, the Wavy Scarf from Knitty! Maybe Red will send me a pic of her actually wearing it, for blog viewers pleasure.

1 comment:

red said...

You blogged me - thanks :)
And thanks again for the lovely wavy scarf. It makes a guru proud!