Monday, October 16, 2006

Amish Suri!

David & I took a trip out to Nappanee this weekend to see the open house at the J-Bar-J Alpaca Ranch. Their flyer was interesting because there was no web site/email info -- we found out that because the ranchers are Amish, the internet is off limits to them. The herd was small (only 8 animals) but I got some nice yarn spun from their own alpacas, and it's 100% suri! Soooo soft. Here's a pic of a suri, I actually think it is one of the animals that this yarn came from (either Shandon or Butter Creme, the yarn is a blend from the two alpacas).

I'm back on track with the Rogue. That's the kangaroo pocket in front -- I was afraid to attempt this at first, because the instructions intimidated me. But then I read them again and it's really pretty simple. I'm past the point where I had to frog it the last time, and it seems to be coming along pretty nicely. I should make some nice progress on it during our trip down to Bloomington, IN tomorrow. It's supposed to be a cute area and is just a little get away during our week off.


Jess said...

SO cute....I know the Amish drive buggies, but it's the first time I've seen an Amish suri with the fringe on top!

schrodinger said...

Oh man that suri sounds (and looks) scrumptious.

Jessica said...

Amish alpacas? Wow. You are seeing/doing so many cool things out there!
Rogue is looking great. :)

Phillipa Sara said...

I just want to learn more about what it was like in Amish country...fasinating