Friday, October 06, 2006

Jane Fonda's Dog

David & I went to see Ms. Fonda speak at Notre Dame last night. The subject was "The Feminization of Poverty". I'm not so sure how enlightening her talk was on the intended subject, but she was really interesting to listen to. She said she brings her dog everywhere so that she doesn't miss her grandkids.

In other news, I found somewhere to get eggs from pasture-fed hens. I'm cracking some open today and making chocolate chip cookies with them. Here's a pic of 2 types of eggs next to each other -- the one on the right is one from the pasture hens, the other was produced from an unknown hen diet. The pasture-fed one is WAY darker, you can see it even better in person but the pic shows it too. Maybe tomorrow we will do a scrambled or over-easy taste test!


schrodinger said...

I bet you never thought you would write that headline on your blog :)

I can't believe how different those eggs look, looking forward to hearing what you think with the taste-test.

Jessica said...

Way to go, Dave, for going to that talk with you! It takes a man who is confident in his masculinity to attend feminist lectures with his wife. And those eggs--pretty wild.

Kara said...

When we were growing up on the farm we only had organic brown eggs (straight from the scrawny chickens who ran free in the yard). I was embarrased when my friends came over because they were used to eating bright white "store bought" eggs. Now that I've had both kinds of eggs I realize that the kind I had as a kid are much better! Glad you're able to find some near you.