Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Two steps forward, one step back

I'm happy with the progress I'm making on the Rogue Hoodie. But I still slip up. Last night I spent about an hour tinking back when I forgot to do a repeat of the cable pattern and just kept on moving up the chart. Grrrr. But it's all good now. Can you see the kangaroo pocket?

Rhinebeck was this weekend -- all the posts about it make it look like the weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time. Wish I was there -- but definitely next year!


schrodinger said...

Rogue is looking great, what progress you are making!

It would be great if you made it to Rhinebeck next year, we may actually get to meet :)

Jessica said...

Wow, Michelle, I'm so impressed! You are zipping along on that, even with the tinking! You're going to beat me by a mile.

city girl said...

looking good...can you make me one too?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, check out the yarn harlots post in her archives about fixing a cable without tinking the whole thing. Say hi to the midwest for me!


PassionKNITly said...

Yeah ditto to Claudine. The best thing I learned while knitting that HUGE afghan was how to fix a cable without tinking so many rows!