Friday, June 30, 2006

Avocado Fever Flip Flops!

No big news today, just wanted to share my recent acquisition. I couldn't resist these, they look like they were made for this blogger's feet! Thanks to my lovely model Kingston, for helping to display these to full advantage.

Off topic (aren't I always), is anyone else annoyed by the Frosted Mini Wheats commercial where the little girl is at a spelling bee and she starts to spell "aardvark" incorrectly and that little cereal guy jumps up and whispers to her that she better start over? Come on, you can't start over in a spelling bee!


Phillipa Sara said...

When I eat Avocados, I think of you. I eat them everyday.

Heather said...

I've just sat down to watch "Spellbound", with some chips and guac - coincidence??

Heather said...

The flip flops rock! So meant for you!

Anonymous said...

You absolutely cannot start over at a spelling bee. Ever.

Running Renny
(reading your blog in Athens, Greece!)

CityMinx said...

Wait, NEXT WEEK???? When next week????? I may not be around - wah! Call me and let me know what your sched is, and when you're getting your heinie back to mannyhatty