Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thank you berry much, Renny!

I read my friend Renny's blog yesterday and realized that since strawberries were in season in Ohio, the same must hold true for Indiana. And that there MUST be some fresh strawberries somewhere in my general vicinity. So I googled. And there it was, Hilltop Farms (which, in the land of flatness, was really a misnomer). I called. The sweetest recorded message I have ever heard tickled my ears -- I recommend you call this number, just for a smile. I couldn't resist her promise of fresh, sweet berries, so off I went. I picked them myself! I guess being in the middle of farm country does have its benefits.

I was staring at one of the pictures I took and thinking about how cool strawberries are. Completely unpretentious, they wear their seeds on their sleeves, for everyone to see. Their intentions are so clear, no games of hiding a big hard pit in the middle of fleshy sweetness, a nasty surprise for some unsuspecting person to bite into when they are in the middle of enjoying a peach or apricot. No small, weirdly woody yet supposedly edible hidden seeds like in the middle of grapes or apples. No, strawberries put it all out there, saying enjoy me, my seeds are small and add to my pleasing texture. Eat me, put me on strawberry shortcake, blend me up in a shake. All I ask is that you enjoy me, and let nature do the rest. Peck at me, birds, and poop out my seeds as you fly, so that I may go forth and multiply. Or simply let me hang here on the stem, I will eventually droop to the ground and be reborn as a new strawberry plant.

I digress. Bottom line -- go get you some farm-fresh strawberries and pronto, while they last!

And no, I didn't get around to checking the size on my Honeymoon Cami yet. I'm scared to.


Jessica said...

I wanna go berry-picking too! Wish I was there with you for a day of strwberry-pickin' fun--your post made my mouth water, and the freeze-dried s-berries in my granola cereal aren't cutting it.

michelleknits said...

ok, i think the funniest thing i've read all week is this: "poop out my seeds as you fly, so that I may go forth and multiply."

i'm still laughing.

but yeah, strawberries are yum-my!

Renee said...

Mmmmm berries! I'm so glad you went...Michigan berries are even BETTER than Ohio berries!

PassionKNITly said...

Jeez. You can do that in Rhode Island...and it's only a four hour bus ride away from the city!

Miss the MUD!

Heather said...

I second what michelleknits wrote - hehe!

now, for the gazillionth time, "when are you coming back???" ohh, and bring some strawberries back while you're at it!

Jennay said...

What fun Mud! They look so fresh.

I have a question for you...
What is the best way to eat mango...it's challenging us....????
Is there a way to not get it in my teeth?

MUD said...


Are you eating the red and green ones, or the yellow ones? The red and green ones are stringier, but no matter what, getting mango strains in your teeth is part of the fun...you could chop 2 halves off, the long way, so just the pit is in the middle, then scoop out the fruit. But the sweetest stuff is near the "bone", so don't miss that!