Monday, June 19, 2006

Too Big for My Britches

Um, does this look a little bit smaller than the last time I posted its pic? This Honeymoon Cami's failure to grow is especially perplexing when I spent a lot of time working on it this weekend...of course much of that time included putting this onto some scrap yarn and trying it on, only to realize my gauge guessing really wasn't very skilled after all and this would be about 5" too large. So I frogged it. The frog-themed ripping sound delighted my friend Becca. So here's where I am after casting back on (the casting on was a bitch! I had to do it so many times because I kept on getting too few stitches, and I know I can just do the cable cast-on or whatever it's called that Claudine (hi Claudine!) showed me once but I just wanted to get these all on the needles the same way. And the yarn is kind of bumpy (is it called striated cotton when there is a string winding around the fibers?) so when I ripped it, it always got stuck and I lost a lot of valuable yarn.) Anyway, I'm moving along and I hope I have enough yarn left to finish this. Or I may cry.

Since Dave had a lot of studying to do and Ryan was on call all weekend, Becca and Eoin came down to South Bend to keep up our record of hanging out every weekend since I moved here. We went to Shipshewana, one of the Indiana Amish Country Towns, and Dave was actually able to tag along. This was the most social time I've spent with him since we moved here! I visited an Alpaca fiber store, but wasn't that impressed.

On Sunday we drove up to South Haven, on Lake Michigan, to visit our friend Renny and her family. Her very cool parents were EXCELLENT hosts and completely welcomed us into their cottage...AND fixed us a gourmet brunch not to be forgotten soon. I'm sure you can read the explicit details on Renny's blog (she's quite a foodie and accomplished writer, so she can do a better job of it than I can), but suffice it to say that the food excited my taste buds and inspired me to subscribe to Vegetarian Times so I can cook a bigger variety of dishes. Thanks guys!

After dropping Becca & Eoin off at the Michigan City South Shore train station, I decided to do a little shopping at Lighthouse Place, the outlets in Michigan City. I didn't buy too much, however I did see this big ugly smokestack-like construction that made me wonder if I was in Springfield...


city girl said...

i LOVE going to Lighthouse Place! Sounds like you're really enjoying the midwest.

Jessica said...

Ooh, Amish! Did you see any quilts?
Poor Honeymoon Cami--or rather, poor you. I feel like this time it's all going to happen for you. I just feel it.

Jess said...

That ugly smokestack might remind you of 3 Mile Island. It's acutally a cooling tower, built to ease water temperature before it hits Lake Michigan. Fish (and other flora and fauna) don't fry as a result. Funny how such an eyesore could be environmentally pretty friendly! Welcome to Michiana.