Thursday, June 01, 2006

Before and After

Here's a pic of my sock before I left for this business trip to Asia:
And here's a pic of my sock as I'm about to head home:

Oh, wait, is that the same pic? That's because since I left Indiana last Monday, I haven't so much as knit ONE STITCH! Yes, that's 12 days of no knitting for anyone who's counting. Kind of like combining all of Jewell's summer "No Knitting Fridays" into one long continuous strand and getting it over with, like pulling off a band aid.

When I land tonight, my friends Becca & Ryan will pick me up at O'Hare and whisk me away to South Bend, where our 10 year reunion weekend lies in wait. I don't know who else is coming, except the Sterbas, but I'm looking forward to seeing some random friends. Although Dave & I aren't really participating in any official reunion activities...we're a little jaded about that and annoyed with all the "ooo we're so bad let's get really drunk and in trouble with student affairs again" emails we keep getting from the official reunion committe.


Jessica said...

A summer of No Knitting Fridays, all together! I shudder to think.
I hope Indiana turns out to be more conducive to your knitting than HK.

Heather said...

Hong Kong looked more exciting than knitting! Thanks for letting me know about the sheep and wool festival in Michigan. I found on in Wisconsin in September that I am going to try to hit! Not too mention Stitches in Chicago in August. Thanks again!

schrodinger said...

Yikes! No knitting for 12 days - are you still sane? Cos I'm pretty sure that I would be nuts after so long without knitting a row or stitch or anything. I'm sure you had a great time in Hong Kong though. Hope the reunion goes well.

Heather said...

My darling Michelle,
What happened to the "I'll be in NY every two weeks"?
Never mind your reunion - We miss you over here!!!!