Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First Mitten Ever!

Here are the front and back of my first mitten ever! I'm working on the 2nd one now. I really like doing these, they're fast and rewarding and came out better than I thought they would. I knit the cuff on #2 DPN's and the main body on #5's. The yarn was from Zeilenger Wool Co. in Frankenmuth, MI. The tag says that it is 100% llama, but I really have no way to know, and it was the only hank of that left in the shop. It feels a lot like sheep wool, but softer and a little slicker. I think next time I make mittens, I might round the top instead of making it flat, so that the little peaks aren't sticking out at the edges, but they really don't look too bad. Maybe next time I'll make some baby mittens for Sam -- smaller is faster!

Speaking of Sam, I got a chance to visit her today. I brought my Gram over and we hung out with Mike, Kerry & Gorgeous for a while.

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