Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Day!

Finally, a proper blizzard! I love the snow, and we haven't really had any all season. Officially there are 23" in Central Park right now, but it's still coming down. I went outside to check out the streets, which are almost completely devoid of moving cars. There are lots of people walking around and playing in the snow. Here are some shots of my neighborhood, including one of The Cooper Union.

The other excitement of my weekend was an intimate Indigo Girls concert on Friday night in Poughkeepsie, at the Bardovan Opera House. It only has 944 seats, and the girls totally rocked -- it was one of the best Indigo Girls concerts I've ever been to. My favorite was their perfomance of "Land of Canaan". Katie, Sarah and I had an extra thrill by sort of sneaking in through the back door during the rehearsal. Actually, we didn't even have to sneak -- the door was open and we just walked in and sat there, listening. We knew we'd have to leave sooner or later, and sure enough, someone soon came and asked us who we were with. Of course, our truthful answer not being good enough to allow us to stay ("no one -- we're just listening"), we were politely asked to leave.


PassionKNITly said...

dude. that was not a blizzard. it wasn't even a lot of snow. These New Yorkers don't know the first thing about snow. Pansies all of ya's!

I miss New England winters...

MUD said...

Actually, you're right, that technically wasn't a blizzard -- but it was the record NYC snowfall since 18-something. I miss NE winters, too -- sledding down the hill, snowmen, snow forts...not this melty stuff that goes away in one day! But yesterday was fun, wasn't it?

Katy said...

1947, not 18-something.
If it had stayed cold, it would be bad, but since it mostly melted away, not a big deal. Still pretty.

Not fair, Jenn's verification word was "joosh" and this one is all x's and q's. Irk.