Sunday, February 26, 2006

"@$#%&! Poured Beer on My Weave!"

The above quote is not at all related to the following post and pictures, except that it was one of the funniest things I heard on Friday night. Ruth was telling me about a scene from one of the America's Next Top Model episodes, and I couldn't stop laughing about it. Who knows what those crazy folks at UPN will come up with next?

And what were Ruth & I up to on Friday night? Why, I'm glad you asked. A bunch of us met up at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in Chelsea for their Friday Night Vegetarian Dinner. At the table with me were SnB stars Ruth (and her friend Dawn) and Jess (with husband Jamie), along with Dave, Katie, Leland, Sara and Doug. Jess, who has become a quickly re-addicted blogger, brought along her camera in good blogger style -- so thanks to her for the pics! My favorite course was the appetizer, part of which was wonton-style purses filled with butternut squash and apples -- oh yum! We all brought some wine and had a fabulous time, but I have to say that the food was better the last time we went, about a year ago. And may all vegetarians forgive me when I say this, but I was soooo hungry later!

After the dinner, the night was still young so Leland suggested that we head to the Flatiron Lounge for some drinks. Which we did -- they even opened up the mostly-empty downstairs for us! We were there for quite a while, and most of the last half of the night is a little fuzzy...

Dave and I managed to wake up at a reasonable time on Saturday to make a quick trip to CT to unload some of our extraneous belongings at my grandparents' house in CT -- we're doing the "gradual move" kind of thing, slowly emptying our increasingly spacious (by Manhattan standards) apartment of things we won't need for our last month here. And of course any trip into CT necessitates a visit to Sam's house! Which also provided me with the opportunity to give the Branching Out scarf to it's recipient, my sister-in-law Kerry. She loved it, and we just found out that they are going to have a BOY!HAPPY 10 YEAR VEGETARIAN ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!


city girl said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! ANTM is one of my favorite shows (don't hold that against me) and I remember this scene. People at my office are looking at me like I'm crazy cause I laughed so hard when I read this tite.

Jessica said...

Too much wine indeed! But at least it gave birth to such wonderful ideas as the impending Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl! Michelle, you found pure genius at the bottom of a bottle of wine.

Renee said...

Happy veggie anniversary!
I know a great burger place where you can celebrate.