Monday, February 20, 2006

Pizza Party!

Because it was so cold yesterday, we decided to stay inside and make lots o' pizza and drink wine instead of going out. Now we have a fridge full of pizza to enjoy this week. I just wanted to put some pics of our cooking spree up for our friend Renny!

One thing we did do yesterday (besides hanging out) was meet up with Red's (and now my) friend Annie, who is in a play called Spring's Awakening at The Looking Glass Theater. Go check her out when it starts in March!

Jess sent me this pic of the Blizzard Clutch Ruth made for the Knitted Gift Exchange -- it's what Red was lucky to take home with her. By the way, this will be the last guru-saturated post for a while, lest she get a big head from all the adulation, so soak her up while you can!


Renee said...

Yay! Oh yay, yay, yah!
Did you make your own dough?
I made mine tonight, and made 'za with broccoli,ricotta, chicken, and sun-dried tomatoes!
I think it did something bad to Jim because now he is passed out on the couch.

MUD said...

Did you ply him with wine? Or WHINE?

Of course we made our own dough -- as Red said, "Mud's a 'from-scratch kind of girl'".

We were totally thinking of you during the creation process!

Emily said...

It's so fun to keep up with my friends without ever having to speak to them :)