Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Frogging Things and Just a Few Pics of Eoin

So here's where we're at. I was waiting to post about the weekend because I thought I'd have some nice WIP shots to post. But after casting on for a second Honeymoon Cami (I can finish this before the weather changes, right? Right???) with this wonderfully soft cotton in a natural green color, and after progressing about 3-1/2" on it, including a seed stitch border, I realized that my gauge was all wrong. So I frogged it. And because casting over 200 stitches onto circular needles and then joining them without twisting is a big PITA, I decided to put that one aside for a while and move on to the long-promised socks for David, made with this wool I got from MD S&W (this stuff was so cheap!) I knew checking the gauge on black yarn would not be easy, but OMG it is a big nasty headache-inducing pain! I kind of fudged it, but in a way that was satisfactory to me, and I started on it, and got about 1" along, and then realized I was doing stockinette when I wanted to be doing ribbing. By this time it was about 12:30am and I just ripped it and gave up. So that's what the pic is of -- the green for the Cami, the grey and black for the socks. I'll take it up again tonight.

Despite all the futile, go-nowhere knitting, the past weekend was made delightful by a visit from Becca & Eoin. We went to a harvest party at the Round Barn Winery in nearby Baroda. While their wines weren't our favorite -- they were all decent but no real stand-outs -- the party kicked butt, and the winery was set in a rustic green farmland region. There was a live band, food, wine, helicopter rides, grape crushing and a big bouncy castle for kids to play in. Eoin wasn't so crazy about stomping on the grapes -- he wouldn't put his feet down in the barrel -- he loved running up and down the rows of vines, and jumping in the bouncy castle.

We stopped in New Buffalo to play in the water on the way back (and to get ice cream!)


schrodinger said...

Sometimes that knitting is a dastardly thing - also known as a 'learning experience'. Looks like you had a lovely weekend to make up for it though.

Jessica said...

That's a lot of frogging! May the force be with you on those Husbeastly Socks--socks for men test even the most patient knitters.