Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jen-nay!

Today is Jen-nay's 32nd birthday, so if you know her, wish her a happy day! I sure do!

No, this isn't a cow's heart, and I'm still a vegetarian...this is just a little different type of craft. I wanted to tie dye some onesies for all the babies coming into my life, so I went out and bought some RIT dye and other paraphernalia and got right down to it. They're pretty cute, but I need to get some more practice to make the colors more vibrant. I just kind of lost patience and got tired of chasing Kingston off the table so he didn't tie dye himself. The big one in the middle is mine -- I got so much dye on my t-shirt in the onesie-dying process, I decided to just immerse the whole thing.

TOMORROW IS THE MICHIGAN FIBER FEST! I'm so excited, even though I'm going by myself. I've got a short list -- something for the Family Tunic, Hooded Tunic and a sweater for Dave. But that doesn't mean I'll stick to that list only...having a list didn't exert much control over me at MD S&W -- and neither did Jess or the guru, for that matter. I haven't really progressed that far in the art of spinning, so at least that should curtail any mad roving/spinning wheel purchases.

David is coming to meet me there, with his bro & family, so it should be fun. Of course, they are coming to meet me later in the day, so I have enough time to get my fill of fiber. They're mostly coming for the animals.

Speaking of cuteness, Brady's grandmother (Kerry's mom) sent me this adorable pic of him. I think he totally looks like my dad here!


Phillipa Sara said...

You are the creative one.

Jessica said...

Um, why is the onesie soaked in dye on a patchwork quilt? I am totally confused by this photo.
Brady is such a cutie!