Monday, March 13, 2006

Isn't It Juicy, Bill?

Don't worry, the weekend wasn't that spicy -- Jen-nay was just talking about her brined turkey from last Thanksgiving. That's my very very very very (get the picture?) good friend Jen-nay, who flew in from Texas Friday with her equally good husband Sterbs. We had a GLORIOUS weekend for their visit! Friday was in the 70's, Saturday was sunny and in the 60's, and the sky cried rain when they left on Sunday. I can't believe how much we packed into 36 hours! And yes, that is Greta I'm sporting, and yes, that's Dave and Sterbs wearing short sleeves in Central Park in March!

We woke up late on Saturday and headed straight for Top of the Rock, where we had an incredible view of Manhattan. The view from this observation deck is great, because you can actually see the ESB instead of seeing from it. Plus, it's not nearly as popular as it's tall 34th Street cousin, so lines are minimal. Dave has been there 3 times in as many months, but it was my first time. After soaking in the view, we walked up to the Met through Central Park. I love Gauguin, especially the paintings he did in Tahiti. I always idealize and romanticize the South Pacific before air travel made it so easy to get to, and a journey there was only possible after months at sea in a creaking vessel...

After perusing the paintings, we went back to our pad to rest up for our Broadway appointment at the St. James Theater, where Sterbs had procured awesome seats for The Producers -- such a bizarre but truly entertaining and funny show! And did the night end there? No way! We headed on down to La Paella for tapas and wine (beau coup goat cheese for Jen-nay), then on to Veselka for dessert. We finally ended the night in our back yard, enjoying the weather and each others' company.

Jen-nay and Sterbs are awesome. They have 2 young kids but they are so laid back -- the kind of parent I want to be some day. It was such a good visit, but way way way too short. I can't wait to see them in the midwest when we all move there this summer!

And FYI, this is the view from your window when Rescue Me sets up its film crew right in front of your apartment. I felt too conspicuous to take a pic when all the people were sitting there, because they were literally right in front of our window, but when they broke for lunch I snapped a shot.

In the midst of all the weekend craziness, I still managed to get some knitting done, and I'm ready to start the sleeves on the Hourglass Sweater. But that's not nearly as exciting as the good weather we are having now, is it? It's still light out now and it's 6PM! Yay!!!


Jessica said...

What a fabulous NYC weekend you had! Do your friends realize that they're the luckiest people in the WORLD that they got this weather for their March visit? You guys both look so happy and chic in your ponchos--makes me want to break mine out, too!

Phillipa Sara said...

Mud - What's this about moving to the midwest. Please explain yourself.