Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Too Cold for Reggae

Last night Dave & I went to S.O.B.'s to see Anthony B, one of our favorite Reggae performers. Our first clue that the night was not going to go as we thought should have been the bouncer saying, "Hold onto your ticket stubs, we think Anthony B is stuck in Jamaica." I'd like to be stuck in JA, it was COLD last night! But there was a good reggae act who went on anyway, and we had some Red Stripes, so the night was not a total loss. I just wish the star had made it to perform, because S.O.B.'s is so small that his stage presence would have been incredible.

I had such a nice afternoon with Jess and Heather today at The Point. And I finally started on the Hourglass Sweater from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts." I somehow ended up with one extra stitch when I switched colors, but I remedied that (hopefully sucessfully) by my favorite k2tog solution. I was saying tonight that this being my first adult-sized sweater, I am sure that it isn't going to be the right size and I am mentally prepared to frog and re-knit it at some point. Heather and Jess told me to think positive, but my guru told me that a proper amount of detachment from your knitting is very Buddhist, and that I'm fast approaching Nirvana. I like to think of it that way, as opposed to thinking I'm just being pessimistic.



PassionKNITly said...

awww, i wish i could have hung out. this being sick stuff sucks.

Jessica said...

I have faith in you, Michelle. The sweater is going to be fabulous, with all your pretty Suss cotton. Yum. But get ready to turn your thoughts to alpaca for Sunday!