Friday, March 10, 2006

What do people in the suburbs keep in their fridges?

I don't think it's cat food and beer. I started to worry about this yesterday after cleaning the apartement in anticipation of a visit from my friends, when I saw what was actually in my fridge. So I asked Theresa the question above -- she said condiments, after she stopped laughing at me. What's the right answer? I went out to get chips and salsa, crackers and cheese and some wine. But it still looks like a college dorm fridge...maybe I should buy some eggs and milk? What the hell do suburbanites put in their fridges that keeps them so full?

Just some food for thought as I wait for my friends to arrive!


Katy said...

My mother's fridge:
* 14 varieties of pickles and/or relish.
* 8 varieties of jams, jellies, and preserves
* 7 varieties of salad dressing (even though she doesn't eat salad)
* leftovers that shouldn't have been saved in the first place
* vegetables that should have been eaten last week
* little plastic tubs of potato salad and cheese spread and fruit pieces
* 2 and a half sticks of butter
* plastic tub of fake butter
* little ketchup packets from the fast food drive-thru
* little soy sauce and duck sauce packets from the chinese food place

Like I said, condiments.

There was never actual food, only the accessories to food.

Renee said...

My fridge right now:
-pomegranate juice (leftover from pomegranate cosmos--I'm such a girl)
-arugula (leftover from dinner that Jim made)
-my yummy homemade lemon curd
-an embarrassing # of Asian sauces
-cream cheese,ricotta, sour cream
-a cabernet cheese spread that's got to be from early December
-the obligatory orange juice, milk, eggs, butter, margarine

Jessica said...

Yeah, condiments are really important, as are the many jars of pickles. Also, the drawers should be completely full of produce that no one is going to eat. Lots of soft drinks (in most suburban fridges, though we were never into them). And wrapped up chunks of meat, those are always in my mom's fridge--she'll buy a whole rotisserie chicken and rip pieces off of it for lunch every day. How disgusting is that?