Friday, March 03, 2006

Like Sand in the Hourglass...

Just a quick update -- I've got about 4-1/2" done on the Hourglass Sweater, and it's already "hemmed" -- thanks to a handy little trick from Jess. Instead of hemming later, I just folded over the point where I would have to hem and k2tog all around the sweater. It looks nice!

My goal for the HVYC on Sunday is to get some nice yarn (alpaca?) for the Rogue Hoodie. I'm thinking a blue/brown or greyish color. I'm so excited about the trip, and especially psyched to meet the alpacas at Pawling Alpacas Farm. Kelly, the proprietress, has been really helpful in arranging the visit, and I can't wait to meet her, too.

Here's a shot of me working on the Hourglass Sweater while we wait for Dave's cousin Jimmy to arrive from Detroit Rock City. Kingston was trying to help me, but he got districted by the very interesting retractable pen.

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