Sunday, March 19, 2006

Party People in the House!

I can't believe how many people fit into our apartment last night...I think there were at least 50 all total, not including the 1 uninvited party crasher. Mike & Kerry came in with our favorite party guest Sam (who didn't even have the courtesy to stay awake for the party!) Andy and Melissa came in with my brother, and we also had a special visit from Adam & Maria, who we hardly ever see in NYC because they are so busy being good parents in CT. The party was such a blast, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate everyone who came. It really made me feel all warm and fuzzy to see so many of our friends getting together at our place to party with us before we leave, including the out-of-towners. I had so much fun, and I think everyone else did too. Especially Jenn... Mikey partied like a college boy and performed the "2 scoop boobie dance" for his adoring fans -- mom & dad, you would be SO proud of your son. I'm sure there are some incriminating photos around with all the digital cameras that were there. Thanks to everyone for coming and bringing good drinks and more importantly, good company!

As you can see here, Mikey wasn't having such a good time in the morning, after waking up on the hard wood floor in Cathryn's hallway where he had "fallen asleep". Thanks for the use of your apartment, Cathryn!
The next day we toured around the city a bit with Adam & Marcia. We hit the Union Square Greenmarket and Soho, and I ended up with a really cool pair of non-leather shoes. It was great to spend some time with A&M in the city, but we'll get to see a lot more of them when we move back to CT and have "Idol Nights" together.

Now I'm just dreading the fact that it truly is time to pack and more procrastinating.


Phillipa Sara said...

Still the number 1 party girl.

CityMinx said...

I had a blast! Thanks for all the smoke hunting. Who knew there was such a fabulous party place with outdoor patio so close to me? And now you're leaving, sniff sniff

PassionKNITly said...

Uhm....dude, thanks for everything. :)

And yes, I had a great time at your party!

Jessica said...

It was definitely a Pink Party Palace! When you have unidentified crashers and people "falling asleep" on the floor, you know you've thrown a really good party.