Monday, March 20, 2006

Um...err..."book sharing" party

Yesterday Jill hosted a perfect gathering -- I mean everything was just so right! Many knitters brought their books so we could share, and we knit, and talked, ate and ate and ate, and the food was great. I brought home some of her eggplant/pureed pea concoction and Dave literally licked the container clean (Jill, I need the recipe, please!!!) Five hours flew by so fast, I was shocked when I looked at the clock as I left. Times like this really make me sadder and sadder that I have to leave Manhattan in less than 2 weeks...I mean it. I met so many cool people this past year, and we really bonded, and I'm really getting to love these ladies and now...I have to go! It's not enough that I'm going to miss my childhood friends in NYC like Katie & Gregor, now I am so lucky to have multiplied my relationships here and, and, and...I'm going to get very very sad. I think I will be bawling when we finally drive away next Friday and I realize what I'm leaving behind. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited for the upcoming adventures in South Bend, but I'm still allowed to be sad for the friends I'm going to miss.

Anyway, not to be all depressing here -- Sunday was truly fun. And here are some pics to prove it. Jenn is looking so cute just because, and Heather is dancing because her book is almost done (sorry about the camera strap in the corner, but the pic was too cute to exclude -- and the other one was too blurry). It was great to meet Lorie, a soldier who started a Baghdad SnB! And the SnB queen herself, Debbie Stoller, was also in attendance -- she was a treat to meet and hang out with ("It's not the size of the stick...")

Tonight I went to Kara's loft for a few hours, to sit and knit while she painted my portrait. Kara is one of those people who continues to amaze me. I mean, she really has no idea how cool, talented and fun she is (but I bet her husband Mike knows). I can't wait to see the painting, because I saw some of her other work and it was really good. Even if she doesn't think so, it is!


Katy said...

Um... adventures... in South Bend? Really? Hee.

We'll miss you, too. But we all know you will be back. Your next apartment will just need to be bigger so it can hold more people.

Jessica said...

Oh no, I'm getting sniffly! Hey, can you still come up for SnB next month when you're in Connecticut? I hope so.
I can't wait to see your portrait--were you nekkid?

Phillipa Sara said...

Promise me you will post a picture of your painting. Only famous people, Mona Lisa, have thier portrait done...I can now say that I know someone famous, yes!

Renee said...

Don't be sad, Mud! We goodhearted, wholesome Midwesterners will welcome you and Dave with open arms!

PassionKNITly said...


I dont' know which is sadder, that you're leaving, or that I haven't done anything with that yarn that took us hours to untangle before you leave.

Missed you at SNB last night.

want to post tonight.

Kara said...

You better watch it or I'm going to get a big head. :-). Seriously, the painting is only as good as the model - and you were a great model!!!!!

Hope you had a good time last night and hope your packing goes well. Boy am I going to miss you...