Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pack it up, pack it in

This is what my office looks like now that everything is disassembled and packed up. I don't have a lot of news except that we've been spending almost all of our free time packing. It's kind of sad in here now that most of the carpeting and furniture are gone, and after this weekend we'll pretty much be living in a big empty apartment with a bed, futon and TV (necessities only, see?) But that will free us up to enjoy our last week in Manhattan without worrying about the hassle of packing. And we know all about the hassle of packing...this is the 4th time we've moved in 6-1/2 years. And I'm about sick of it. I like living in a new place, but I hate the "rituals" that go with it changing homes.

I have done ZERO knitting since posing for Kara's portrait, but we did get to see Phantom on Broadway thanks to my very good friend NDR and her bro-in-law.

Lame post! I promise to be more exciting next time. I'll have some good pics this weekend after my friend Amy's shower -- she's due in just 7 weeks!!!


Kara said...

Glad we got to party one last time in the Pink Palace before you and Dave had to pack it up...

I'm with you re: moving. It's always a pain in the butt and somewhat traumatic, even when one is excited about the final destination.

Have a wonderful last week in Manhattan.

Phillipa Sara said...

These pictures make me sad for you guys. I may be in near NB in July so send me your new info.

Heather said...

ahhhhh...I'm sad you're will be back every 2nd Tuesday, right?

Emily said...

Can't believe you're leaving when I'm heading to NYC next weekend!

Well, I promise to come visit you guys soon in the Bend.