Thursday, March 09, 2006

One speck of sand, and then back to the hourglass sweater we're going

Here's a pic of my progress -- I'm coming along nicely, and this is actually going very fast. I've got about 12" done so far. But I keep getting disctracted by other things, like the Family Tunic in Weekend Knitting (even though it's for a child, I want to make it for me...). I went out and bought the book today, after seeing the pattern during a visit to Suss night. I also like the really really cute Baby Bolero in One Skein, a book we were all going gaga over at SnB Tuesday night. Focus, focus!

Here are some promised pics from the HVYC -- Katy and her stash, and Jess fondling some hand spun something at Countrywool.

Tonight Katie & I are going to see my friend Annie in Spring's Awakening at the Looking Glass Theatre. I'm excited to see her on stage, even though she told me the play is very weird. That makes it better -- the brochure describes it as "no after-school special." We shall see!

Happy news -- Jenny & Sterbs arrive tomorrow -- I better go buy some beer! Jenny likes Bud Light...Sterbs is a real man of genius.

And Kingston loves the yarn I bought last weekend.


Jessica said...

I love the Family Tunic too! I've had it on the needles for about a year now, in... you guessed it, alpaca. You saw the sizes go all the way up from kid's to men's, right? If you make it, I'll pick mine back up so we can do it together. And then we'll have even more matching clothes!!!

Renee said...

Ohhh MAN! I want to hang out with Jenny and Sterbs too! They're so damn FUN!

MUD said...

Yes yes! Once the hourglass sweater is done, I'm all over the tunic. People will be like, oh, didn't I see that sweater on a girl in Indiana, too? Or was that NYC?